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Paul & Joe - Women's Autumn/Winter 2019/20 Show in Paris (with interviews)

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Designer: sophie mechaly collection: a collection that gives off a true energy and which shines through the bright materials used. a style that is easy to adopt mixing long and short, masculine and feminine, dresses, and trousers.a show reflecting the way the designer’s mother used to dress, daring sequins, lame, glitter and polka dot dresses with frills.a woman who equally likes to wear trousers and who mixes outfits with masculine jackets.focus on: the “happy monster” and shaggy cats that are seen on a knitted jumper and on a bomber jacket+ the tartan blouse and the lame jumpsuit, the trouser entirely covered with sequins, layers of flowers and cowboy boots that add a cool appearance to outfits.interview with sophie mechaly:she dares to wear something bright and colourful as well as taffeta dresses because when i was younger i loved these dresses that stand out and mix well with a masculine wardrobe. the beautiful flannel blazers, high waisted-darted trousers, blouses and colours create a climax with paul and joe’s eclecticism.we also took inspiration from a series that i loved when i was 20 called « twin pics » by linch. make up was important as well as winona ryder and all the other special and a little bizarre actors who were mad but slightly posh and classic and i really like this.my mum always wore lipstick, eye makeup and always had a blow-dry, she also loved colours that shined. she was a woman who was full of life, energy and kindness and who shined extremely brightly. she passed away 10 months ago, i see her in myself, and i express myself in a new way, i dare to try new things and i loose myself in this.interiew with iris mittenaere:i love quite simple and classy pieces that have something crazy added to them. they have suits with added flowers and they mix many prints, something that i really like.interview with laury thilleman:energy, colours and materials, it’s a brand with personality, for women with personality, and this is why we’re here.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).