Tibi show - Women's collection Spring/Summer 2018 (with interview)

Designer : Amy SmiilovicAtmosphere : The house of Tibi celebrates its 20 year existence. The founder/ designer wanted to add to the good mood through every outfit.Collection: Tailored trousers become bermuda shorts for summer 2018. The masculine jacket with its transparent belt. Simplicity takes precedence over long skirts, fluid combinations and raw denim. To note: new vestal dresses, pleated with pastel and girls dancing at the end. Interview with Amy Smilovic :1997 I started the line so…20years. I wanted to celebrate it my own way but also I think I was very attracted to music this season that was very upbeat but not silly. I certainly like to think that we went back through the archives and thought about what the very best about Tibi is… so there’s a little bit of that. But in the beginning we were looking backwards and then all of a sudden we realised that we still want to keep looking forwards. I just love trousers no matter what so there’s a lot of trouser detail and a lot of sportswear fabrications e.g nylons and licing nylons with suiting… things like that. This season I think that pastels with an earthy feel to them felt very relevant. I’m also quite obsessed with movies fro, the late 50’s early 60’s so there was a lot of lavender there and in the way they put scene together – it’s beautiful. I love the way the shows make you feel. When people talk about how retail and stores are dead… I don’t think that retail’s dead and I don’t think that shows are dead; they make me feel too good.I hope we keep doing shows. Music from the show (only for use in context of show, under the cover of right to information).

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