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Cerruti-Spring Summer 2014 Menswear Collection in Paris (with ITW)

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It’s the second catwalk for aldo maria camillo, at the reigns of the cerruti collection. for this summer season, the designer re-works the belt, bringing it up to the bust, shown on one side, and disappearing on the other, to bring a new dimension to coats and parkas and also creating a round shoulder effect. colours are deep and earthy, composed of burgundy, black and navy blue... a rope print becomes the leading motif on casual pieces and applied in 3d on mesh or on suits. a coherent collection that doesn’t forget to reinterpret male classics, such as tailoring; a true signature of the italian label. music from fashion show interview aldo maria camillo : what i could say is that there is a certain dandism, it’s this idea of an attitude of a dandy in a modern way, and more dynamic also. so this is the reason why you see a lot of parkas, sportswear, coming from the military feeling, also this kind of religious uniform as it is as well a uniform. so i really enjoyed the idea to mix and match two different worlds. all together with the marine feeling that is really an admission of summer, of the spring/summer collection. i found it a very interesting idea to just move the belt to another position; from the waist to the breast. i found the feeling of being protected very interesting. plus, this kind of belt changes the silhouette; giving another kind of feeling, round at the shoulder, closed at the breast and giving this a shape, falling down very far from the body, which i found quite sophisticated.