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Graphic design in a pure state (with itws)

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Geometry has never been so present in the shows and is even found on the clothing. three trends to dare. first of all stripes. very graphic with a play between black and white, they are at the heart of the marc jacobs’ collection. (itw) in fact large stripes are not as easy to wear as you think and can hurt the eyes. for lengthening effects, opt for the vertical option and for volume effects, choose the horizontal version. in the shows, red, green and blue work easily. the same for black and white, pay attention to the width and the choice of tones compared to your complexion for example. close to stripes, the damier is at the heart of the latest louis vuitton collection. (itw) the finer the checks, the more interesting the optical effects are and it will be easier to pare them with another piece. above all, don’t add too many additional elements, such as accessories or pronounced makeup. play it sober. finally, geometric shapes, symmetries and other graphic looks continue to breathe a new way to approach clothing in an urban feel. prints or effects of materials and colours, the silhouette takes on a new look that’s sleek and architectural. (itw) to conclude, a new dimension for increasingly arty outfits. music free of right / bandit & nikit - 2012 interview olivier zahm : the stripes give the impression of something simple, but it’s all about a game of shape and volume which is complex, it’s a lot more subtle than it seems, almost mathematical. marc jacobs : i have always loved daniel’s work and my team and i, we agreed that we wanted to do something this season very different than last season, that was still very powerful visually but more graphic, less ornate, in the kind of decorative sense, much more mathematical and based on the damier. michael kors : the collection is very much inspired by a lot of the wonderful mid-century architecture, that you see in california. these are clothes that are very polished and very optimistic, so full of colour, and very tailored, very crisp.