Nov 26, 2015
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CarlinGroup - Organic Beauty 2.0 - Beauty Trends SS 2016

Nov 26, 2015


Carlin has been dressing the issue of the new bio-beauty! Decoding of a trend in full mutation.
Beauty care trend, the authentic, the need to take back control over one’s environment and consummation, the aspiration to reconnect with oneself: numerous factors deeply modify the expectations of the organic market: what do the consumers 2.0 want?

Who are the new bio-tistas 2.0?
The « health freak » trend

The rise of the « healthy » mania is becoming more evident lately: super aliments like the kale cabbage or the moringa, the success of the detox cures, extreme sports for women: facing more and more industrialized lifestyles, we try to get back the control.
In beauty the « health » freak prefers the connected bracelets. The last trend in date: the skin 5.0 detox, copying the model of the 5.2 diet.

And what about the bio?
The fashion of the « beauty therapy » leads to new opportunities in bio: we enhance the promise of efficiency and the « clean » dimension with the benefits of the vegetal assets for a healthy performance. Proposals of « detox » cosmetics to renew the weekly rituals (mask type).

The « authentic cool » trend
Facing the scenery staged on social networking, of the « Photoshop mania », of the « fast » phenomenon and its tendency of homogenization, like the coming-up of the Y generation searching for self-expression, a new course of action arises: affirm one’s singularity through a quest of expressing the natural and the authentic. The no-gender phenomenon, or again the multiplication of atypical muses, set the mood for a natural beauty.
In beauty care, the « authentic cool » enhance their natural asperities (one highlights the eyebrow line, or reveals a « dewy » transparent carnation).

And what about the bio?
In bio we play with the natural beauty and unalternated beauty analogy: the expectations are concentrated on vegetal/mineral textures, combined with the promise of invisibility and transparency.
The « active Zen » trend
People are confronted to an environment that is more and more stressful. More and more invested in work where we live surrounded by screens. An « active Zen » attitude emerges mostly conducted by the « mindfulness » phenomenon or the full-consciousness meditation: new urban relaxation concepts flourish like the floating center Meiso in Paris. The mindful management, which consist in activating serenity in order to activate performance, is highly appreciated by managers.
In beauty care the pace and sensoriality are the keywords for « Zen actives », who praise the slow cosmetics or the DIY beauty care.

And what about the bio?
Longer and poly-sensorial rituals are proposed, one highlights the gourmet textures, the multi-purpose products or the DIY products and mixes like scrubs, inspired by the DIY and food creations, or again the vegan cosmetics.
This subject is part of a full-fledged conference, during the Cosmoprof Asia fair:  « Natural cosmetics, what are the tomorrow’s trends? ».

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