Marine Lloris launches into children's fashion

Marine Lloris, the wife of Hugo Lloris, French football team captain at the Euro 2016 championship, has announced the launch of her brand of infants' and children's apparel.

The brand is called 'Manège en sucre' (sugar merry-go-round), and features ready-to-wear apparel for kids and toddlers. It is designed to plunge parents and children into a sweet, dream-like world made of whirligigs, candy floss and balloons, coloured in pastel hues such as beige, baby pink, taupe, grey and blue. An altogether homely mood, both elegant and timeless.

As Marine Lloris herself says, the brand was built around emotions. The Manège en sucre collections will not follow the dictates of fashion, and will instead be inspired by its founder's preferences and instincts. "My collection is coming to life thanks to a proven designer, and I think about it above all through the eyes and heart of a mum like me," underlined Marine Lloris.

Quality, as opposed to quantity, will be the label's main feature (the first collection currently includes only a few items). Manège en sucre offers premium-priced apparel for babies, girls and boys from 3 months to 12 years old. For example, a dress is priced between €106 and €190 (excluding special offers), and a top at €90.

The brand is not shy about this, putting the accent on the garments' comfort, on the quality of the fabrics and their details, all proof of a specific expertise. The dresses are chiefly made out of cotton and are decorated with Swarovski crystals, bows, embroidery and hand-sewn seams. Such care for details requires meticulous work.

All the clothes are designed in the UK, where Marine Lloris resides (her husband plays his club football for London team Tottenham Hotspur), and are manufactured using European fabrics, from Italy, France and the UK.

The collection currently features only a handful of items, but it is expected to expand gradually, having already announced the forthcoming launch of a 'Bonne Nuit' (good night) line.

Manège en sucre children's clothes are currently available online only, in the UK and France.

Translated by Nicola Mira

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